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How to Prevent Cavities: What You Should Know

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Cavities are a problem at any age since they can lead to the removal of your teeth. A cavity is a hole in your tooth that leaves it open to infection and decay. It is very important to have cavities treated if you have them, but the best method of treatment is prevention. Here is what you should know about preventing cavities.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are mostly caused by plaque, a hard and sticky substance that builds up on your teeth over time. Plaque includes several things, but is mostly made up of bacteria. This is bad for your teeth because the bacteria absorb nutrients that your teeth need to maintain themselves, and can pull those nutrients out of your teeth. So, plaque will eventually lead to bacteria eating holes in your teeth.

Prevent Plaque Buildup

While plaque can build up quickly, it is also easy to prevent. The easiest way to prevent buildup is with regular cleaning. Brush your teeth several times each day to ensure that any food, liquids, or plaque that has built up is scrubbed away. With regular cleaning, plaque won’t be able to harden onto your teeth. 

You can also address the bacteria that causes plaque directly by using mouthwash and flossing. Mouthwash helps kill bacteria in places that your brush cannot reach, and flossing removes any buildup from places where your brush struggles to reach. This lowers the amount of bacteria in your mouth, slowing the progression of plaque buildup so that you can handle most of it with brushing.

Regular Dentist Visits

Scheduling regular dentist visits is an important part of preventing cavities. Unless you go to the dentist for a very specific reason, you are going to have your teeth cleaned by the dentist. This is a good thing since your dentist has tools that can do a much more thorough job than your home tools can. Plus, the dentist has extensive experience cleaning teeth and knows what to look for. These periodic cleanings help remove plaque buildup from your teeth that has hardened over time. No matter how good you are with a toothbrush, you will start to see hardened plaque at some point. Dentists have multiple ways of removing plaque and helping you restore your smile.

Change Your Diet

You can make it easier to avoid cavities by changing your diet. Foods that are acidic, sugary, or corrosive can damage the outer layers of your teeth. If you consume these foods every day, you are more likely to experience serious problems with your teeth. Cut back on sugary drinks and soda, as well as candy and sugary snacks to make an immediate difference in your dental health. This will cut back on the amount of bacteria that grow in your mouth since it thrives on sugar. Reducing acidic foods also protects the enamel on your teeth, which helps them resist decay. 

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